About the authors

The authors collectively bring substantial experience from practicing and teaching negotiation and influence. Our number one goal is to save the reader time, effort and frustration by illuminating the shortest possible path to becoming an outstanding influencer and negotiator.

Filip Hron is a consultant, lecturer and author on negotiation. His negotiation career began with an MBA at INSEAD, and he has since taught at a large number of universities and graduate business schools, worked with multiple global negotiation companies, and collaborated with a range of renowned experts in international, commercial and crisis/hostage negotiation. In the process he has trained over ten thousand participants from all corners of the world, and advised on multiple negotiations in the $10m-$10bn range. For more information go to www.hron.org.

Steve York has 20 years of law enforcement experience – most of which has involved dealing with high risk policing situations. He was a trained counter terrorist operative as well as a hostage negotiator. He left law enforcement as the Commander of the Negotiation Unit, State Protection Group, after having worked as the head of the Australian Counter Terrorist Negotiation unit, and having trained teams in all states of Australia and in several other countries. In 1998 he was the keynote speaker for the First Hostage Negotiators Conference in the European Union. Since that time he has worked in the private sector as an expert in risk management, particularly crisis prevention, management and response. In addition he teaches crisis management and negotiation in the Post Graduate Law School at the University of Technology Sydney, and to government and the private sectors. Steve holds a Master of Dispute Resolution (MDR) and a Master of Science (MSc). He has received several awards for bravery, hostage negotiation, investigation professionalism and he is a recipient of the Australian National Medal.

Ladislav Blažek has spent more than 20 years in law enforcement. Opportunity, education and interest in human behaviour brought him to the fields of counter terrorism and hostage/crisis negotiation. After additional training in UK and US he initiated more structured and systematic training of police negotiators in Czech Republic. He presently works in the private sector, where he provides assessment and consulting on secure behaviour in critical or crisis situations.

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